The story of Sudama

My father used to narrate the story of Sudama (also known as Kuchela ) and Krishna to my daughter when she was very young. It was a bedtime ritual. Every night while going to bed she would ask him to narrate the story and he would narrate the same story again with enthusiasm.

Those days, I didn’t really get the deeper meaning of this story. It was a feel good story, of Krishna showing his love for his childhood friend and removing his poverty.

Since then I have listened to many discourses on the same topic and got to appreciate Krishna’s grace. Last year, I was blessed to listen to the lecture by Sri. Ganapathy Subramanian on Kuchela. It is based on Narayaneeyam by Sri Narayana Bhatathri . I listened to the lecture again today and had goosebumps. The greatness of Kuchela, his love for the Lord and his detachment from worldly pleasures while still performing the duties of a householder is what inspires me now and moves me to tears.

Today is celebrated as Kuchela day. Listen to this inspiring lecture by Sri Ganapathy Subramanian. He shares insights on this topic from his Guru Govinda Damodara Swamigal also known as Triplicane Periyava.

Link for the audio lecture below.

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