What brings me joy in life?

A girl walking from Pixabay

The bloganuary prompt for today is “What brings you joy in life?

I love this prompt because just the thought of things that bring joy makes me smile. I felt happy to read the posts of other bloggers for this prompt. It was like collecting so many sweet memories that add to my joy.

When I was working in the banking sector, there was joy in doing my work well, making a customer happy, training my team and achieving goals. I was a workaholic and I think I didnt have the time to stop and enjoy the simple things in life.

Now, there are so many things that bring me joy and the list would be endless. I feel simple things in our day to day life can give us as much joy as achieving great goals or traveling to exotic places on holidays.

When I go for a walk by the seashore there are so many things that fill my heart with joy – the spaciousness, the vastness of the sky, the rising or setting sun, the greenery of the trees that line the walking track, the chirping of birds, the still water, the effortless swimming of the ducks, the swift movement with which the kingfisher bird dives into the water and catches fish, the pink flamingoes that I can see far into the sea, I am filled with gratitude for the gifts of nature.

At home, this morning, I cleared the dining room space, rearranged the furniture – it felt like a different room. I felt so happy when my family appreciated the change. The simple act of cleaning up changes the energy in the space and fills my heart with joy.

In this month of Margazhi, ( December 16th to January 15th), we have a tradition of drawing elaborate rangoli in front of our homes. We draw the rangoli with rice flour, with the intention of feeding ants and other smaller creatures. Every morning, we sweep the floor in front of the house, sprinke water, then draw a design on the floor with rice flour, and light a lamp. When I complete the art, step back and look at what I have created, my heart is filled with joy. The entrance to the house is filled with positive energy.

When I cook some healthy dish and my family eats it with appreciation, the smile on my face comes from the joy in my heart.

Reading and writing gives me joy, so does connecting with other writers. Writing these posts for bloganuary prompts is so satisfying.

A surprise phone call from a friend or close relative, a surprise visit by people whom we love, a surprise gift from a loved one, or surprising our loved ones with a gift and seeing the smile on their faces – these are memorable experiences that I cherish.

Playing with children, seeing their smile and listening to their innocent chatter – can there be something more sweeter?

The joy that I find in my heart when I pray and sing the Lord’s name, that is the joy that I want to hold on to.


    • Yes. It is lot of fun. In my home town you can see the difference when you walk on the streets. Everyone would have drawn a beautiful art in front of their house. It would be quite big so you can really appreciate it as you walk past.

  1. Wonderful write up vanaj.
    Truly enjoyed
    You can add December kutcheries too
    And for me grandson’s crying makes me happy too ❤️

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