Writing Haiku to heal

I step out and walk

Writing Haiku is a good way to express our emotions – sadness , fear, joy or frustration. It is quite meditative and helps us to process our emotions. It is healing.

A haiku is a poetry in three lines. The main rule for haiku is the syllable count for each line

First line – 5 syllables

Second line – 7 syllables

Third line – 5 syllables.

Here is the haiku I wrote about how I feel these days. Fear of third wave, parks closed, scared to go to temples, I stayed indoors for the past ten days. My health was also in bad shape and I felt bad about being not so well. Then yesterday I started going out again for a walk. Here is my haiku that expresses my feelings.

Some days I feel low

Locked in with fear and worry

I step out and walk

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