How far back in your family tree can you go

Image by Patrisia Novianti from Pixabay

This is the prompt for January 8th. I couldn’t write for the last three days, I am trying to catch up.

I feel blessed to know the family tree on my father’s side – going back to 14 generations. My father’s ancestors were great Sanskrit scholars and three or four of them were very famous for the books that they had written. We know about them from the books they have written and their life history that has been written by other authors. We also know about them from the stories that my father, my uncles and aunts and grand uncles would tell us whenever we had a get together. I have also read some of the books and works written by them and their life histories when I was a young girl but may be I was not mature enough to understand the philosophy that they wrote about.

I am not writing about the tree though because I think I have to do much more research and know my ancestors and their works better before I write about them but this blog prompt has created an interest in me to take up that project.

Thinking of my family tree makes me feel proud on the one hand and on the other, I feel I should be writing a lot more with confidence given that I have it in my genes.

On the maternal side, I know only about my grand father and great grandfather, I would like to find out more. I was blessed to interact with my maternal grandfather and learn so much from him till my twentieth year. I used to go with my mother to my grandparents’ home for summer holidays every year. My grandfather was a great courageous human being who handled challenges head on. He was deeply rooted in traditional rituals and more than that he was a spiritually evolved person. He also had a curiosity to know the current affairs and was smart in running the household.

Next to my father, my grandfather is my Guru who has had a great influence on me. Thinking of them gives me new energy and enthusiasm.

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