How am I brave?

The bloganuary prompt for the second day of January is How are you brave?

This prompt got me thinking because I have not thought of myself as brave all these days. I connect the word “brave” to warriors like Rani Lakshmibai but when I pondered on the question, being brave is not just being at the war front, it is also about holding on to one’s values whils facing challenging situations. That is something I can be proud of.

I consider myself brave when I face challenges with resilience with faith in God, when I am able to bounce back from setbacks with renewed enthusiasm and confidence.

I think I have been brave to write and self publish my book Hello Banker – without fear of judegement. I wrote the stories from my heart with the desire to make a difference to people and to share the good values of customer service that I had learnt from my experience.

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