Ganesha, the favourite God of children

My neighbour’s 3 year old kid is so fond of Ganesha (“Gan Bappa” for him). He never tires of watching the cartoon story of Ganesha. The elephant face, the chubby cheeks, the healthy stomach, and beautiful eyes make Ganesha a delight to the eyes.

Ganesha was my favourite God in my childhood days. ( Even now Ganesha is the go to God). Growing up in Chennai, I am used to praying to Ganesha at small temples that we see on the roads, and at every nook and corner. I vaguely remember going to the Ganesha temple in Big Street Triplicane with my father. Stronger in my memory is the weekly dharshan of Sakthi Vinayagar in KKNagar. My father made it a ritual that we never missed. I cherish the walk with my father on Sunday mornings to the temple. What my father taught me was total surrender to the Lord. However as a youngster, I used to pray for all sorts of favours. First rank in class, easy questions in the tests, availability of power to watch my favourite movie on television.

As I grew older I understood my father’s advice of total surrender and acceptance of whatever happens as God’s prasad.

Today, though I am not able to celebrate Ganesh chaturthi (being the tenth day ceremony of my father) my heart is filled with gratitude for Ganesha’s grace and support in these tough times.

May Lord Ganesha remove all our worries, destroy the evil forces and bless us all with good health and peace.

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