Inspirational Books for women – Lean In

Lean in – Women, Work and the Will to Lead

Books have been a great source of inspiration in my career as a banker and now as a trainer and author.  I would like to share the list of books that I recommend to women who want to rise in their career. ( You can click on the images to view the books on Amazon.

The first book on my list is Lean in because it addresses the reasons why women drop out in the middle of their career and why there are so few women at the top. We also get insights on what women should do to make a difference.

This is a book written by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, following her popular TED Talk on “why there are very few women leaders at the top.”

Sheryl shares anecdotes from her personal and professional life on how she overcame challenges and learned to ask for what she wanted. She shares insights on what women should do to overcome the barriers at work to rise to the top.

Women can relate to Sheryl’s story of her return to work when her baby was only two months old, how she struggled with guilt and how she learned to manage her time and energy to have the best of both worlds.

A must read for every woman who aspires to be a leader at work. Click on the image below to view the book on Amazon.

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